Friday, 26 June 2015

Some interesting cake decoration tips for beginners

Do you love to bake but afraid of working with piping bags and frosting techniques. Don’t worry; we have some simple tips that will help you in preparing beautiful and mouth-watering cakes. So it is time to be cake pro from just a bake pro buddy. These basic tips are capable enough to develop an expert within you.

• After baking, let the cake to cool down for 60-90 minutes and then slice its edges to get even surface from all sides. For this a long serrated blade such as a bread knife is an ideal.
• It is an expert’s advice to amateur bakers to use ice cream scoops for even and consistent butter cream icing or filling between the layers.
• While you are using a store bought icing, first scoop it out in a tub and whisk enough with the help of an electric hand blender. You will get the best cream base for frosting or filling in piping bags.
• A simpler, smarter way to get even icing over a cake; place the butter cream over it, put a long flat knife over it and spin the cake. Make sure that the cake is moving, not the baker.
• If you are planning to give your cake a rustic look, then it is convenient to apply a standard size butter knife. And be ready to apply some extra butter cream for effective appearance.
• Use various edible decorative as sprinklers and edible glitters to cover up your mistakes.
• Don’t stress yourself by applying difficult patterns and shapes; some simple swirls and a pinch of edible glitter is enough to create a delightful design.
• Last but not the least, the main ingredient of decorating a cake is not the butter cream or colourful decorative items, it is feel of fun and creativity within you. Enjoy your work and leave the rest on your patience and experience. 

The journey of cake decoration

Decorating a cake is a comparatively newer culinary art that emerged in the mid-17th century and gained popularity and wide acceptance in the mid-19th century. In this early stage, it was an elaborated dessert to be showcased during the high class feasts and celebrations and were mainly for display only.

Then the time came, when due to some improved techniques in baking as use of temperature controlled oven and baking soda and baking powder made the baking very convenient task. At the same time, the tradition of elaborating this baked dessert grabbed the attention, though the cake decoration was mainly the piping work.
Then in 1929, Wilton Enterprises changed the world of cakes and cake decoration. They launched a full range of baking and cake decorating products along with the their own baking unit. At this time, beautifully ornamented cakes were not just for the wealthy aristocracy, people of middle income group also could afford such cakes for their special events.

After the Second World War, the time came when many new trends emerged in the society and culinary as well. The baking and cake decoration industry also experienced a boom. A huge assortment of supporting products such as icing tubes, sprinkle, edible glitters, a variety of food grade colours and new flavours changed the entire picture of baking business. People got aware of these new products and gradually became obsessed towards the cakes. These magically adorned edible masterpieces became an inseparable part of any occassion.

At the same time, cupcakes also entered into the scene; these miniature baked delights provided a new canvas for the food artists to present their creativity and imagination. The fine use of icings, fondants and sprinkle decoration gives not only an attractive visibility, but also appeals to the senses of cake lovers of all ages. Here we cannot underestimate the role of dedicated food/ lifestyle/ travel channels and their very popular baking and culinary shows. They have definitely spiced up the industry. 

Monday, 22 June 2015

Moulding chocolate is more than just the cake covering, it is a complete cake makeover

For many people fondant looks great but tastes not that good. To them there is a delicious alternative; moulding chocolate. This is quite different than fondant, but looks just like it and the flavour is fine chocolate. It does not get dry on cooling, instead it tends to get melted in the heat.

What is moulding chocolate is made of? This is a fine blend of chocolate, corn syrup and water that gives a clay like appearance. It is mainly used to sculpt a variety of shapes and drip over the cake and give it a dramatic transformation.  With a perfect mixture of all ingredients moulding chocolate simply holds its shape and generally don’t need any extra time to get dry. You can apply the sprinkle on the cake just next to moulding chocolate.

Let’s discuss about how to cover a cake with this dark delicacy. Here are some points to be considered while working on moulding chocolate:
• Made by processing cocoa, sugar and milk powder, it usually tends to melt easily, even in your hand. So before starting work on it, dry your hands as well as your chocolate properly. If you find the moulding chocolate a little bit oily or sticky, don’t get panic. You have not lost it. Just keep it in the fridge for a while and then restart.
• Though it is an alternative to fondant, but it cannot be starched as it. So while you are covering cakes with moulded chocolate layers, don’t try to starch it as moulding chocolate will tear apart. It is smart to measure the cake and then roll the chocolate dough according to the desired size.

Moulding chocolate coveting simply looks gorgeous and normally don’t need more designing yet if you want add some sprinkle decoration, apply chocolate chips or chunks or dust for dazzling impact.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Edible glitter – Do not eat if you are uninformed

Edible glitter off late has made some breaking news. Reports of researches done by food safety and regulatory authorities put up concerns about the use of glitter in edible content. It has been found in the researches that certain companies are designing their glitter packet content without necessarily mentioning whether these are actually edible or not.

Putting up complex technical terms and expecting consumers to understand whether they are buying safe edible material is weird. This is the reason media houses are publishing reports to enlighten people about the nature of glitter products and the need to become informed. With this brief blog, we are trying to cover some important tips you should know before buying your glitter.

Edible glitters are edible if the label says it is edible, but if the label says it is non toxic; it may have a meaning that simple consumers would doubt to understand. Non-toxic may mean that the content is safe, but on the contrary it has a different meaning. Non-toxic glitters could be safe to use in edible content, but it may be unsafe for consumption. Whereas if the label shows the glitter content is edible in clearly simple terms, it means that these are safe for eat.

So, when you want to buy edible glitter, make sure to read the label. And in case you are doubtful about the information written on the label, make sure to ask the owner of the store. Buy being informed, because some glitters have been found to be potentially having dangerous contents, which when consumed could pose serious health risks.

So, stay informed and make sure to buy safe edible content in order to stay safe and keep your family away from any kind of health hazards. And when you are buying online, buy from a supplier that does not use any artificial ingredient. 

Monday, 15 June 2015

What is the longevity of sprinkles?

If you buy sprinkle, you need to understand that they necessarily get a shelf life. So, before buying it is good to know when your sprinkles would expire and how to ensure longer shelf life of your sprinkles. The sprinkles act as a sugary candy, which need to be utilized within defined timeline but if you use these after due date, that should not be an issue, provided you have stored the sprinkles well.
This is a brief write-up covering some basic ideas and information about how long sprinkles last and generally how many days should these be used within.

Sprinkles can be used within the best before date mentioned on the label. These can even be used even after that if you store properly. Some sprinkles could have a longer shelf life, if these are manufactured without adding extra sugar. To know if your sprinkle have become rotten, you need to check the colour and shape. A sprinkle that has become darker in colour and tastes bad should not be used.

To ensure sprinkles get an extended longevity, you need to store these properly. To store well, you should use the container which came along with the sprinkles or if you have bought it in packet, use a container which is completely air-tight.
Buy virtually

Buying virtually saves your valued time, money and effort. Even if you compare the sprinkle decoration ideas and suppliers online, you can get an idea about how they work. Comparing a supplier’s quote with other helps you decide on perfectly balanced pricing. One point of concern is that before you order sprinkle online, ensure to research on the part of the service provider. A good supplier needs to have a trusted record of catering to customer demands in time and with sprinkles that are of quality.      

How to add design variation to your value icing tubes

Icing designer tubes are used to give cake and other eating content designer style and appeal, the tubes are available in an improved type of colour, design, and patterns – from diverse marketers; some are providing the tubes ready to be served online while some are providing the tubes based on the standalone requirements of audiences.

Either way, the trend of buying the tubes are increasing and people are getting used to comparing their tubes online. Earlier, the choice of tubes was limited to offline suppliers. But now you can choose from so many designs and colour variations besides taste advances and add-ons. Therefore, buying tubes online is beneficial in a range of ways. With this article we are trying to cover why you too need to buy the tubes online

Online buying saves your valued time. You can do a certain work while at the time ordering on your Smartphone a newly advanced range of tubes. If you know about how to change the design variation of tubes without leaving your home, you can add to the skill online. There are online store houses that provide ready to customize option to your icing designer tubes. You can add new design, taste enhancers and customize it as your own tubes.

Tubes are available online from online sellers in a great variety of colour, and features. Depending on your taste, you can compare one and buy. The online websites even give you scope to manually compare the reputation of a seller. This in turn helps you filter out bas supplier and their bas products. The online icing tubes suppliers claim to provide ready to serve tubes and assure affordable solutions. You can ask for discounted products if you are to order in bulk. To know about icing tubes and edible glitter etc., please click the website      

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Some tips for piping on a cake

Piping is a traditional cake decoration technique that is widely used for cakes, cupcakes, cookies and many other food decorations. This is the simplest and the most complex decoration style which requires a lot of practice, patience and concentration to get expertise. Here are some tips to pipe like an expert and give the professional touch to your icing skills:

• Be sure that the icing you are applying on your base has the right consistency. Softer or harder both can spoil your design, pattern and overall cake appearance. Royal icing is called ideal for piping task.
• If the icing you are using is a bit harder, you should add some drops of water or milk and whisk it. But, if the icing either butter cream or royal is thinner than required, the solution is beating it with the right amount of icing sugar.
• It is a smart trick to prepare types of consistency, harder for outlines and borders and thinner for inner fillings.
• Store the tubes in the refrigerator to avoid the change in colour, taste and consistency of icing.
• While you are applying one very light shade of icing and the other very bold and dark colour on your dessert, you should let the first layer dry and well set for 6-8 hours before applying the next layer of rather opposite colour.
• The same rule will be applied while highlighting the design through edible glitters.
• Before and after using the icing tube or piping bag, its tip should be covered properly.
• Avoid the reuse of piping bags if you are working with many colours.
• When you are trying to make some different design or a piping stroke, firstly practice a bit in a plain plate and then carry on the cake canvas.
To know about icing tubes, please click the website

Let’s find out what is hot here in cake decoration

What is a cake, an occasional dessert to be cut at the ceremony or a tasty bite on the plate with some eye-catching decoration over it? Actually, it is much more than this as it represents the theme and complements the occasion as a statement design masterpiece. Apart from the popular ongoing designs, clients are asking for some bold and offbeat patterns that will represent their personality and set a new trend as well. Let’s discuss some very noticeable cake decoration ideas and trends which are hot this season:

Butter-cream is back: While fondant icing provides clean and smooth finish, it cannot beat the text and texture of butter-cream. Also butter cream offers a great deal of creativity in formation of swirls, waves and floral patterns.

Bold and bright colour theme: This theme is specially demanded by the customers who want to create the sensation. Vibrant colours can easily add an intricate texture and the modern contemporary designs come out with a significant amount of flourishing. To satisfy such clients, many new colour themes and combinations are being developed by the bakeries.

Integrate ornate designs: For the occasional cakes as weddings and anniversary cakes, the customers ask for some ornamental designs and much dazzling finish. A variety of colourful glitters and sparklers are being used to give the shimmering appearance to the cake and highlight the specific features of the design pattern such as floral patterns or ornamental arrangements.

Shine, shimmer and jewels: The cakes with astonishing shine and shimmer, flaunting precious jewels, are also preferred these days as they represent the status and prestige. The use of edible glitters, sugar pearls, edible sequins and crystals along with gold and silver polish turns a simple cake into sophisticated and glamorous looking. Mostly wedding couples demand such cakes with the patterns teamed with bridal dress.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

How to choose icing tubes online

Icing decoration tubes supplier can be found online, and they provide an awesome variety of ready to serve tube variations which can be applied on cake and other eating contents during any event.
Icing tubes have been used as a decorative addition for icing your cake; by properly putting in the content of tube, you could give your cake or eating content a grand makeover.

But it is a task to compare suppliers. The vendors who work online could be decided in terms of some solutions provided, but before you stick to contact a service provider, read the blog

Compare the pricing of the tubes 
Some tubes come in different type of design and colour variations. If the tubes are designed for custom use of spraying and colouring; these usually come handy but with an expensive price tag

Compare the design of vendors
Today as demand for the tubes are becoming popular, icing tubes designs are improving. Review the design and set on a vendor’s that have custom design tubes. A custom design tube means you could use it for diversified type of work

Ensure that you’ve researched the content
Make sure to compare the product with others. Which type of product it is and which type of ingredients are used In making it etc., need to be known to ensure that you get a custom designed yet colourful variety of designer icing tubes.

If you are ordering bulk, ask if you could be eligible for some price change. The tubes need to be designed in terms of price, value, feature and usability. Ensure that the tubes could be used for long run. Some of the companies usually provide eco-friendly tubes at a cheap price tag. Buy from a reputed vendor but before buying, ensure that your tube stay useful.

About the nature of edible glitter

There has been debate off late about the nature of glitters and that if these could be consumed or not. According to standalone publications which provide insightfully detailed take on the trend of eating content on lifestyle, the use of glitter content on eating stuffs could prove to be dangerous and some of the companies are differing on their stance by ignoring the necessity to use proper label on glitter packaging. It is actually mandatory to label glitter content as edible and non-edible.

The consumers usually buy glitters by comparing the label and if there’s no reference about the usability of the glitter; how could a consumer differentiate which product to take into. That’s why it is important to mention on the label of packaging if the glitters are consumable. Glitters can be classified in terms of their usability and effectiveness. Glitters which can be used in eating content should be classified as edible and which are purposefully used only for decoration need to be classified as non edible.

Non-edible glitters could be made from synthetic colours and these could be fatal if consumed, these could affect digestive system and pose health hazards, whereas glitters which are safe to eat need to be balanced in terms of providing manual input about how much and which type of content have been provided in the package.

Edible glitters are edible if they mention on the package that these can be consumed. To avoid unnecessary hassles about the type and use of glitters for edible purpose, the companies who manufacture glitters need to put up information. The food regulatory authorities made it mandatory for people to stick to safe measures and before buying a glitter to be used in cakes and eating content, it is important that a consumer understand the importance of labeling and factually compare the feature before buying edible glitter

How cake designs are turning into trends

Cake decorating is very much a magical task. In it, you enjoy the company of applying improved variety of designer ideas. It is a nice experience for you to come up with new flavours using new blends of taste and ingredients. Making a designer cake sounds so great and exciting, but it is sometimes complex and sometimes simple. 
It actually depends on how usually you design your cake and how you get ideas from surrounding, and apply your experience in it in order to give your cake design a grand style.  Read on as we write the different ideas and trends that go about cake presentation and preparation. 

How to design your cake 
It begins with the base! To make your cake, first of all prepare the base. It should be clear of dust, sit well and get cool. Now apply icing – choose from designer type of choices from product. 
In terms icing, you can choose either from contemporary design and old design style such as butter cream, royal and even fondant. Choose your icing base depending on the theme of occasion. If it is a party cake, you can choose the fondant design in order for it to give it a cool texture.   

Thematic cake
With demand for designing improved type of designers cakes are on the rise, people are turning towards making designer type of cakes. Designer cake necessarily means thematic cakes that compliment the nature and type of occasion. The popular theme for cake decorations could be as diverse as flowers, fruit, sprinkle decorations, glitter etc. You could even give your cake designer colours by adding proper variations in design. By choosing from specific type of designer cakes you give your cake design a new makeover. 
To design your cake using colourful variation in design or by ordering sprinkle addition, please click the website.