Thursday, 29 January 2015

How to choose your icing tubes

Icing tubes are a great pick to decorate your cake, pastry! But they teach you art of decoration! 

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Icing tubes are a unique stuff, they not only make it simple to decorate your cake, pastry but are an art in themselves. The creative art of applying proper variety of logically spread-out matters of an icing tube on your eating material teaches you simplicity, greatness and best of all patience. But that art can be grabbed by you with time, meanwhile, to get your icing tube work nicely, it is important to opt for perfectly balanced variety of icing tubes

As a consumer, you should opt for modeled tubes manufactured by a good company. You can read about the products online. There are vendors who provide factual information such as features, varieties, design style etc., on their website. You can compare and choose your product online. But before opting for your product, ensure that is designer, easy to work with and most importantly does have a style statement. 

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Friday, 23 January 2015

Are edible glitters edible or are they marketing spoof?

Edible glitters can be safely eaten and applied as decorative element if these are actually safe to eat, but there is a growing concern among people about the safe use of edible glitters. Some are skeptical if such glitters can be worked on or if these tend to pose any risk. Some companies market glitters as edible as dusts or glitters. However, they need to mention if these can be edible or not. So, just written as non toxic does not mean you can consume them. 

As a consumer, you should opt for glitters if –

It states that the glitter is edible and it can applied on food.

Only stated as non toxic does not mean that the glitters can be edible, It need to state that the glitter can be eaten.

The glitters which are being marketed for consumers to be applied as decorative or consumption need to be tested for being used as food.

Consumers need to ask supplier, if they are unsure of their use. The supplier or manufacturer need to mention specifics, and ingredients used to make the glitters. Usually, it is a important fact for companies to provide consumers with declaration of compliance to ensure the use of edible glitters .

Edible glitters, therefore, need to be manufactured taking into consideration the health aspects of consumers and to not mislead consumers, they should have facts properly described.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Quality ingredients is the key to bake and decorate awesome cake

The cake gets eaten twice whether they are home baked and decorated or purchased from the bakery shop in the market. The customers devour the cake with eyes and enjoy its tempting and mouth watering looks. And, when the wait becomes irresistible, the cake is finally taken inside the mouth where it dissolves in all its tenderness and sweet icing just melts inside. The whole experience of eating the cake seems very enthralling and the senses reaches to its sublime level. The cake is able to result in such an experience because of the quality ingredients used to make and decorate the cake such as quality icing tubes and sprinkle decorations.
 This mighty experience may never take a real form without the hard work of the cake makers and decorators. The importance of a good cake maker and cake decorator is equal. A delicious cake is incomplete without its decorative looks and mere decoration is useless if the taste of the cake is not up to the mark. The chefs and home bakers are able to create this delicacy successfully only by sourcing quality icing tubes and sprinkle decoration from their suppliers in the market. 

The manufacturers and suppliers of the icing tubes and sprinkle decoration work very hard to supply quality products which are very essential for the success of the cake business. Apart from maintaining the quality of the product, they also work very hard to create innovative products which can help the cake manufacturers and cake decorators to keep offering something new and delicious to the customers and help them satisfy their sweet buds.

Edible glitters are being used now days as paints while cake becomes the empty canvass

The cake decorators are using their imagination and skills to design and decorate cakes like they are some art form. The cake decoration items available in the market enables them to come up with most ingenious ideas to decorate the cake with the sole regret that they cannot be preserved for long and will be consumed in the shortest span of time.

Edible Glitter Rainbow Dust in Red Color

Edible glitters are among one of the several cake decoration items available in the market. They are like fine dust which when used on the cake make them glow and sparkle under light. The glittering effect on the cake adds a glamorous touch to the cake. They take the cake decoration to the next level and also allow the cake decorators to bush their boundaries and come up with innovative style in cake decoration.

They are made using natural ingredients and edible dyes to make them very safe for consumption. However, many companies use chemicals at permissible limit which increases their glittering effect. The use of chemicals must not exceed what is approved by the Food Safety Agency (FSA). 

Earlier, edible glitter and dust were used on the cake very sparingly. The idea behind giving slight touches of glitters on the cake was to give a fairy tale look to the cakes. These edible glitters were also called as fairy tale dusts. They settle well on the cake when the icing is still warm else the decorators use edible spirit to make the surface of the cake a little wet and then apply the desired level of glitter coating. Now, the glitters are increasingly used to completely coat the cake with edible glitters and dust which allows making cake in unique colour combination. The cake them becomes a n empty coloured canvass upon which the decorator puts his design.

Friday, 9 January 2015

How to decorate your cake

Decorating cake is an art of selection, understanding of ingredients and bringing thoughtful balance of efforts. Since  long a time, people have been using some improved range of ideas to ensure their cake decorations work, but with new inventions and decorative ideas coming into account; the industry has changed. In fact cake decoration is a great industry today with people thinking to and culturing careers in it. There are expert decorators, cake and icing tubes decorators etc, who work in tandem to create cake décor ideas

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Decorating cake is a creative talent, some add offbeat ingredients, some add tried products, some bring cultural essence and additions to it

If you want your cake to be decorated nicely, it is recommended you take experts’ advice. There are websites who put live-in demo and videos about how to make your cake awesome. To get better results and customize your cake, it is great to call in for expert help. A décor expert usually bring in improved range of ideas to ensure your cake gets professional, while your taste remains. To know about ice tubes, sprinkles etc., please visit the