Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Have you ever wondered why a bakery or confectionary shop looks beautiful? It is the variety of cakes put up on display. Its attractive colour and beautiful design makes the cake very enticing. It is the colourful icing which provides the flavor to the cake. The simple bread looking cake is covered on all side with the icing and then different kind of design is created at the top. Icing is also used to write the message required for the occasion and put up on the cake as per the suggestion made by the customer. Designing the cake is an art. One needs to be very careful; else the whole cake can go waste.

The designs are made with the use of icing tubes made available in the market. Different types of icing nozzle are available in the market which can be fitted to the icing bag to release wonderful swirls of icing and create beautiful design.

The market has lots of option for the new comers as well to make a good icing cake. If one does not want to prepare the icing at home, ready made icing tubes are available with a variety of deliciously flavoured icing. The confectionery items manufacturer also provides decorating tips with the set. The manufacturers are also coming out with designer icing tubes with variety of nozzle for intricate design creation. For the purpose of writing messages for the occasion, one can find glitter icing tubes in many colours. They make the message to sparkle and stand out distinctly from the background.