Thursday, 27 November 2014

Edible glitters are great artwork facilitators in cake decoration

Cake decoration has become a booming industry and cake decorators are leaving no stone unturned to create cakes with designs that make them look like some real artwork. Edible glitters are available in the market which is being widely used by the cake decorators to decorate the cake. Edible glitters are made from sugar with edible coloured dye. They are safe to eat though few manufacturers mix certain chemicals at permissible level to give that extra shine required while giving final touch to the cakes. Plastic glitters are also available in the market for cake decoration which is non toxic in nature. People must be aware of them before using so that the same can be removed before eating the cake.

edible glitter single colored

Edible glitters are like fine particles which are used to provide colour and shine to the cake. They come in dust like form to fine granules and even in larger particles. They are applied to the cake with very light hands using a brush when the cake is still hot. One must keep patience while applying glitter on the cake. Once applied on the cake, it is very difficult to remove them.

A little touch of edible glitter works magic for the cake. They make the cake look festive, glamorous and very eye catching. The different design and creative artwork on the cake can be taken to the next level by the use of glitters as it will add a shimmering glow to them. The cake can also be entirely covered with glitters of a single colour or different coloured glitters can be used to create design on the cake. The glitters can also be used to paint the fondant and cut them in various little shapes which can be used for further decorating the cake.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Edible glitters take cake decoration to a new level

There is no dearth of creative ideas for cake decoration. New ideas make room for new products in the market. The creativity has allowed use of icing, sprinkles, glitters and dusts to be used in cake decoration in various ways. The icing and sprinkles of various kinds have now become very essential in cake decoration but it is the use of glitters and dusts that takes the cake decoration to another level.

edible glitter

The glitters are used to give a shimmering effect to the cake decoration. The glitters can be selectively used on the designs created on the cake or the whole cake can be completely covered with glitter dust. The glitters are also used to cover the different shapes made from sugar such as sugar candies to suit and complement the theme of the cake. Glitters are made from sugar, gum and coloured dye. Certain chemicals approved by the governing body for food safety are used to give sparkle to the glitters. But glitters made from organic and natural ingredients are best from the health point of view. People should be aware of glitters available in the market which are non toxic but cannot be consumed. They are made from plastic materials and should be avoided even if they do not cause any harm on consumption. The packet of glitters mentions the term “edible” which can be consumed.

The edible glitters are available in wide range of colours and flavours also. They are also available in various granular structures. The edible glitters used on the cake add the element of sparkle and luster to the cake to make it look festive, glamorous and eye catching. 

Cake decoration sprinkles supply is a good business

Cake decoration has become very essential for the bakery business. A beautifully decorated cake is the most delicious item in a confectionary shop and it gives complete identity to the store. Today, there is very less demand for a simple plain cake and most people want their cake to be designed and decorated by the fanciful ideas they have in their mind. The most basic item of cake decoration is icing which is used to cover the baked cake with a creamy layer which makes the cook look delicious and provides the flavour to the cake. But, mere icing is not sufficient. The cake’s look and appeal is enhanced by the decoration on the icing. The decoration can be anything ranging from creatively written message to images and patterns. Icing tubes are available in the market which serves the purpose very well. But one of the various other ingredients used in cake decoration is sprinkles which are in great demand today. Sprinkles are tiny pieces of confectionaries which are very small and are sprinkled on the cake on the top of the icing. 

icing tubes

There are many companies which are involved in the production and supply of cake sprinkles and icing tubes and are considered as the fastest growing business in the food industry. The business potential is so vast that even a single item can be taken up foe business. This is the future of cake decoration industry. The cake decoration business has reached a level from where there can only be growth in forward direction and there is no looking back. Cake sprinkles and icing tubes make the work of the cake decorators, confectioners and home bakers very easy. The demand of cake sprinkles and icing tubes is huge. They provide enough potential of experimentation and innovation to create variety which can help serve the taste of maximum customers. Hence, we see a good growth of the cake sprinkle wholesale market and also for the cake sprinkle suppliers.