Wednesday, 11 February 2015

A cake is much more than a desert

No celebration and occasion is complete without a tasty and beautiful cake. The delicacy of a tasty cake is complemented with its decoration. A nicely decorated cake can easily thrills our sense in just a look much earlier than we take its first bite. Cake decoration is an art where a cake artist rides on the imagination and plays with colors so that a baked piece of desert transforms in a mouthwatering delight. 


icing tubes, sprinkle decorations -

A fine assortment of helping ingredients is available in market to make the cake decoration a more convenient and creative process. A variety of icings, fondants, edible decorative, icing tubes, sprinkle decorations and many other things are the promising decorative yet edible ingredients to make a cake the memorable part of any birthday, marriage or any other occasion. Enriched with the delicate frosting and beautiful details that can be made by using icing tubes, sprinkle decorations, royal or butter-cream icing, even a simple cake can be transformed into a yummy treat. 

It is very nice to see a cake with perfect icing finish on its edges, nicely curved flowers and leaves, beautifully crafted borders and impressive finishing touches. From the first layer of icing or marzipan to assembling all assortments of cake, each step requires the whole concentration, patience and expertise of the cake artist. Earlier, the cake decoration was confined only to creating the flowers around it but today it is technical plus artistic combination of sculpting, cutting, molding and decorating to create a centerpiece of any occasion.

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